Funeral Cremation Service

Funeral Cremation - Florida

Oldham Funeral Home is proud to be the Florida's leading provider of funeral cremation services at really affordable cost. We have made our name among the citizens of Florida with our reliability, promptness and the utmost level of compassion.

We understand the importance of the moment of passage of your loved ones and your needs, of a growing number of people who wish to have a respectful, direct cremation arranged without any hassle. We help you to bid adieu to your deceased loved ones and leave you free to say farewell.

Our local funeral home in Florida offers funeral planning services from the moment of death until the end of the funeral ceremony. We offer affordable funeral services in Florida that stand from the rest. Our local funeral planners are compassionate and experienced who know well how to arrange and plan for a grieving family. We offer a hassle free cremation service in local crematoriums near you. We also provide cheap prepaid cremation services and cremation burials in the local crematoriums in Florida. Our state of the art prepaid funeral plans in Florida cover cremation containers, cremation jewelry, funeral flowers, and much more.

Fulfilling a loved one's wishes is truly satisfying, but what about the emotional needs of the people left behind? As our cremation only doesn't involve just the ceremony, we are also happy to assist your family to find a meaningful way to say goodbye and suggest different means remember your loved one.