Welcome to Oldham Funeral Home, Florida

Oldham Funeral Home is a family business in FL, and we endeavor to give you our personal and special attention at the time of your bereavement. Our primary aim is to provide you a professional, open and honest funeral home service to your personal requirements from the simplest funeral to the grandest.

We at Oldham Funeral Home feel that we have a responsibility to present you the widest range of products and services available. We expect our clients in Florida to ask about cost and quality at every stage. Our committed staff of professionals understands that for our customers a funeral is an emotional but unique event that can never be repeated. We strive to accommodate any request to make the day a memorable occasion. We offer a not just any ordinary funeral services in Florida, but our excellent funeral services include, funeral arrangements, funeral plans, funeral memorial, funeral urns and much more. Our premium quality customer service and affordable funeral services make our Florida Veterans’ cremation services second to none. There are many local funeral home service providers in Florida, but the cremation services offered by Oldham Funeral Home are second to none.

Since the beginning of time, care of the deceased has been a matter of reverence, piety, and ceremony. We at Oldham Funeral Home believe that caring for the deceased and their loved ones is not a business but a duty towards humanity. Throughout history, each culture has had its way of honoring those who have passed on. We aim to hold faithful to those traditions while ensuring our client's excellent standards of service and facilities, combined with a whole range of features giving a wide choice of services and prices.

Our Services

Funeral Cremation Service

Oldham Funeral Home is proud to be the Florida's leading provider of funeral cremation services at really affordable cost. We have made our name among the citizens of Florida with our reliability, promptness and the utmost level..

Memorial Services for Cremation

Oldham Funeral Home is your one-stop solution for all your cremation funeral services in Florida. We are one of the most preferred cremation memorial and funeral service providers in Florida with our proven track record...

Veterans Funeral

A formal or informal ceremony or ritual before burial, a funeral service often provides a sense of closure to family and friends. Oldham Funeral Home are very sensitive to each family’s beliefs and consider it when scheduling...